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+Flower Fields of Imagination+

Gabby (aka yumiyan)
24 August
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about me

Hmmm....And what can I say about me?
Had anyone told you how difficult is to talk about yourself? I bet they did. Weeeeeel, this is a simmilar case, But I'll do my best in describing myself a little. =]

So, first thing, I'm a person in love with my own world, I like being there, life is life and it makes things difficult, so you have to have some small, even imaginable, place to run away to. ^_^ I guess most of us have, especially when you're one of those art children. And  I am one, too. Living without imagination, inspiration, possibility  of expressing myself, or hiding the true me is considered as inner death to me, so I try to keep myself around things and people that inspire me in all different ways.
I couldn't live without music, there's always something what makes your heart beat faster. For example stunnig musicians. In this case, I should mention that I'm absolutelly in love with Camui Gackt. This man never fails to inspire me in all kind of ways possible. And that's 'nuff said :P

I also have a deep love for Japan and things related to some other asian cultures. But continuing about Japanese culture, I can't help but to adore their feeling of aesthetics and that doll-like beauty everywhere.
I'm also into some of Japanese fashion. I should mention Hirooka NAOTO as my favorite here. I'm loving Japan's ability to get the most imposibly looking things together and make them look good. Speaking of fashion, I'm at the apparel design course myself. Honestly, I'm not a fashion person at all...xD But things happen in this world!

And for the last part...
A picture of me :P

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