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I think I finally can let go of you, GACKT, with a little help :)

I finally feel free of that horrible feeling of that emptiness as a fan, i kept clinging to this idea of GACKT going back to what I knew as his music. He changed his sound and became simplier, but he's comfortable with that's all that matters, he's still a huge talent. HOWEVER, even saying "let go" i am not erasing him from my music world, i mean i could never do that, i'm still going to check him out and wait for what's comming, he might surprise me, who knows! But i think i will be less brokenhearted & sad everytime i can't click with his creations. Frankly, i don't think i would be able to just drop him like a piece of paper to the trashbin,  because i still love what he's done earlier and still adore his voice, there's never gonna be anyone like him i'm sure of that. He does hold a very special place in my heart ♥ However, there's going to be an other one who's unique in his own way. I have mentioned him before and he's that voice that made me accept it and get out of the loop i've been stuck in,  i finally have this feeling or excitement back, excitement for music of his and for the melodies he gives. He's one and only - Kim Jae Joong. You'd think he's a typical korean boy group idol dude, but he's not! Everyone knows i was ignoring korean music for a looong time because i didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, but this is a totally different story! Everyone in korean music industry is making EDM, he just went and risked his fandom with ROCK. AND HELL, I AM GLAD HE DID. He's done it so good that it gained him new fans and huge success with #1s in charts. The whole production of his stuff is just pure perfection: from photoshoots to styling, from music to PVs, from CD covers to it's packaging, it's just PERFECT!

He does composing quite often himself, and writes his own lyrics pretty much all the time. He has that rich and melodic sound in his arangements and songs that i've been missing from GACKT so badly, and i think that's what clicked instantly. Also i've got to admit that he has a lot of things that just screem "GACKT!" to me, maybe that's why imediatelly got hooked. I don't know why tho LOL

I've been so hooked on his first mini album and kept tweeting about it that someone actually sent it to me (she knows who she is ♥) and while that was big, this just got overwhelming now, with his new FULL LENGHT ALBUM i became a fan. AND once again i was fangirling so much that one of the fellow fans sent it to me! ♥ I can say i love EVERY SINGLE SONG. m(_ _)m
He sure doesn't have the voice GACKT has, it's no bass-y but what he has is no less special, it's soothing, lifts up like a butterfly, yet it can hit so stronly like a lightning when he wants to!. I trully suggest you to go check him out!

(This was my starting point. when i watched the PV, my jaw dropped, because i knew him as a lovey dovey popy guy from korean pop group.)

One of the lovelly ballads ♥

AND this was what REALLY took the running point. His latest PV and song from new album.

And this.... i just thought it was so well done and cool that i need to share it!

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