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this deserves a little bit of a post, GACKT ♥

It's been a while since GACKT actually made me go "OMG OMG OMG OMG" over something he did and write an entry on that lol.
I've had these "I wish GACKT did something with AYU" thoughts, but i never for once thought he would cover one of her early songs! I mean he's way too cool for that, isn't he? lol BUT HE DID. When i saw the title i was like " No it cannot be THAT "Seasons"" BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE EXACTLY THAT ONE! IT MADE ME SQUEEEEEEELLLL!!!lol that hadn't happened since..... i don't even remember lol  The arangement is deffinitelly very GACKT. His vocals kinda bothered me and only now i figured why. The song has very little of long notes  which kinda makes him sound strange and  forced because he has this strong vobrato going on, and maybe it's because it was made to fit Ayu's voice at that time which was kinda plain and dull. SO it's rather a bit overwhelming to hear it with GACKT's. However, i love the fact that he did her song. And let me tell you, i shared the link on Ayu's forum and all the ones that listened to it said the arangement is amazing and that Ayu needs to use it, and majority said he did a great job singing it as well only maybe a couple said it was unbearable to listen, lol, but i can see where they are coming from with that.
I always said that Ayu and GACKT are a lot alike musically, even now, both of them are going rather simple, stripped down plain stuff which i don't like at all. BUT they both used to have these rich arrangements and i think GACKT has a lot of songs that Ayu could pull off. For example WHITE LOVERS, Koakuma Heaven, most of the ballad,s even Flower! I could imagine her singing that. As for GACKT i think HEARTPLACE, Endless sorrow, criminal and quite some others would work for him as well. I can totally imagine him doing those.

I really think it's awesome he did an Ayu song, i love him for that ♥

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