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GACKT and my fave girls ♥ lol

I don't do these kind of posts but hell that! haha~
Everyone knows i'm a huge Ayu fan, and not too long ago i became a fan of an other lady who's been in j-pop music industry for 20 years - Namie Amuro! And well seems like GACKT have had bumpped into pretty much EVERYONE on the j-music scene, these two are no exception. And i've came across some videos lol xD

There's plenty of videos of Ayu and GACKT around but not too many of Namie and GACKT. I still found a few....amusing ones xD Namie seems to be a very shy person, not to mention when around GACKT it gets a little worse xD

#1 ) Namie: "no no no, you go sit there and cover me, no way i'll sit next to him after THAT!" xD

#2) Namie: "i don't wanna do that.... oh god, don't make me do this" *does it* "SEE???? He's laughing now!" xD

#3) The performance that totally shows off Namie's overly shy personality and what GACKT can do to girls xD

Now of course the most notorious thing is when THESE two get into one place - Ayu & GACKT xD anything can happen xD There's plenty of footage of these two, Ayu seems to be one of those who laugh at guys' jokes just for the heck of it, letting the guy to be the cool one xD On the other hand they are actually friends so who knows xD

okay so this one, i absolutelly love, since it was the first time i saw her embarassing G in front of cameras xD
okay and i cannot find it anywhere, it's that little bit after they sang Silent Night xD
anyways, onto the next one

#2) of course the GACKT at Ayu concert. The second time he got embarrassed by her xD but then again he snached the spotlight from her xD

#3) Ayu and G having a little chit-chat on MSta xD the only thing i can see flashing there is his white teeth xD

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