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CLAYMORE PV & director Musashi Muto

I guess most already talked about it, well i think i need to say a couple of words too lol
First of all it's a VERY VERY different PV for GACKT. He usually goes with these detailed backgrounds and stuff like that, this one has an absolutelly different feeling. It's clean, simple, dark and well.... interesting. Not to mention seeing GACKT in this kind of attire is no less strange either lol I love how high fashion the PV is, it's like Alexander McQueen meets GACKT xD

I am fascinated by the girl in the PV, too, despite the fact that she's AGAIN - a blonde and a westerner. lol Interesting thing tho, someone on tumblr mentioned that there's a manga called Claymore and there's a female characte, a  warrior named Hysteria - a long haired blonde with a high ponytail and 4 braids - 2 incorporaited into her ponytail and two forming her bangs. I googled her up and the character's strenght is "elegance" and "beauty" she apparently fights in that of an elegantic way..sounds fammiliar...a little? :P xD I'm just speculating lol But i found that interesting and also  that some of the illustrations for Hysteria have black kind-of-superhero outfits, even tho she's more seen in a silver metalic armour. Still tho this is interesting because the girl in PV also resamble's a warrior, the outfit kinda reminds me of armour and she has a very simmilar hairstyle, not to mention being a long-haired-blonde, tho as far as i know hairstyles with braids are IN these past couple of seasons, so... xD
Also an other interesting thing looking at the pv from religious field, beautiful, sexy women are very often a linked to devil and seeing how the Pv character is like attacing "priest-wannabe" GACKT makes me think of some battle of a possesed woman and a priest... an exorcism maybe? ..tho it sounds complitelly ridiculous xD

Now the director of the PV is as OGYD on twitter said Muto Musashi,  I thought the name was fammiliar and apparently he  worked for two of my faves girls - Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki. Ayu being the "where did i rhear that name?" source.
He directed Namie's "So Crazy" pv (maybe some more that i don't know of)  and "Sexy Little Things", "Microphone" and "You were..." for Ayu. I am mentioning these 3 because while i  was watching CLAYMORE i actually had a video dejavu for a second, now it makes sense WHY....The PV style of GACKT's CLAYMORE is a lot like the 3 of Ayu's that i mentioned - lots of high fashion, clean-cut stuff and a little odd too, but very stylish. They're actually a few of my fave Ayu PVs, even tho he did a DOZZEN of others for her too - Last Angel, Virgin Road (which is included in "the most expensive MVs ever made in the world" list crossing a $1mln. line), Crossroads, Love song, Do it again ; Carols; In this LOVE?; Ladies Night -  to name a few.
Looking at "Sexy Little Things" ,"Microphone", "You were..." from Ayu and CLAYMORE from GACKT there's really quite a few simmilarities.  I suggest you to go check those out! But i like that fact because it shows that the director has things he likes and uses a lot, kind of like his um trademark? Actually with all of the ones I named above from Ayu, it's really difficult to figure out the meanings of them cuz they are so abstract and even if they have (the rest like Love song and others), what seems like a clear story going on, u still kinda feel like you've been left with the questionmark at the very end of the video, so it might very much happen the same with CLAYMORE. BUT.. i am loking farward to it haha~

On the same note...the song? um i think it's good (tho PV makes it better), it's growing on me, but i still think it's very generic for GACKT. It lacks of instrumental depth to me, guitars and drums are not enough to make me happy. Tho i actually get a dejavu with it called "death wish". It has that same wibe to it.
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