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I just need to screem out loud a bit....somewhere!

Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS- (Orchestra Ver.)

I am very late to the party and as most of my friends know i almost lost the interest in GACKT.
BUT THIS IS BEYOND of what i would have ever expected from him. The arrangement is absolutelly glorious and stunning.

I have to say that i do enjoy the original more than some of his ealier stuff. I really liked Setsugekka and the original reminds me a lot of it too. I wish we've gotten an orchestra version of the earlier one as well. HAKURO was boring as hell for me.
I kinda hate him for taking music as his side project now, but i am glad he still manages to get my attention once in a while with it. I wish it would happen more often though. I miss going nuts like that over his songs. Sad that i am doing it so late usualy and alone lol

This bastard needs to give us an album fully done in orchestra. Or go to basics which is dramatic and full of sounds. Cuz that's what he does the best!

I really really really love this. ♥

The Brightest, The Golden one. The diamond that shone unpolished.

The olympics are over but, i was late to the party. Shelly has been going on about this young man on her facebook. and his pictures kept flashing at me way too often. When i found out he was a figure skater, i remembered how much i loved to watch figure skating, and she said a few things that made me wanna go check him out. His face really wasn't something very eyecatching, he's your average Japanese looking young guy, nothing special at the first glance,but i was kind ot taken over by his beautiful costume. I youtubed him and well ended up having a marathon of his skating videos. When i watched the first one that got my eyes, i was absolutelly blown away. His name is, yes, Yuzuru Hanyu, the golden boy of Sochi Olympics. I was taken over by his huge passion and just complite devotion to te performance. So much emotion and expression. I'm not even talking about the technical side. In the video he was 17 i think. 3As quads... i mean it's unbelievable and he nailed them all. Just natural pure talent. But i think the emotional side and all this overflowing passion was what totally took me over. It's increadible.
He's from Sendai, and we all know what happaned with that part of Japan in 2011, the place he used to train was damaged pretty bad, he also has asthma to battle everytime after a heavy performing. Despite of that all, he just throws himself into this.  He falls and falls and falls and just keeps standing up tall and confident and going further, often with a smile on his face.

Interviewer: “After the performance you lifted your arm with your finger and pointed. What did that mean to you?
Yuzuru: “At first I was going to put my fist in the air like YES!!! but I realized this is not my strength alone, there were so many people supporting me so I pointed my finger, showing that I got my strength from the world.”
I don't know, when i watch him perform and just when he's not on ice, he's so pure and real and just into it. He's such a lovelly soul and his words are always just warm and wise. People call him a "prince of ice". He's charming, indeed.
I think i just got tired of the fancy stars and their "inspirational" quotes, their poetic babble while they drive their expensive cars and live in their penthouse apartaments. Yuzuru is just so simple but so special. Frankly he is bigger inspiration than any of the celebrities i have ever looked up to. He is so much younger than i am and i have so much more respect and admiration for him than i have for any musician in my list that i love. I just want to give him a huge hug. I don't have enough words to describe how i feel about this young man. He's just a beautiful human being. He's the real inspiration on life and dreams. So yeah. I am very very glad i ended up checking him out. And thanks Shelly for plastering his face all over her facebook ^^

The Brightest, The Golden one. The diamond that shone unpolished.

Collapse ) yeah..just watch it!

Skip straight to 0:56 - 1:05 .... I mean... ugh.... It's by far one of the sweetest things i've seen a celebrity doing, something what MJ did a lot - sincerelly hugging fans. GODDARN IT.

I am seriously like.... justs shoot me please. I cannot explain what's going on in my head and ♥ lol Not even GACKT had this kind of effect on me, and I think i figured out why.  This feels like looking up to a friend rather than a leader. =) It feels A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Lets explore!

I think i am going to be taking a "vacation" from Japan and gona go visit Korea lol aka will take a break from J-pop/rock and since i am already sinking into this S**T more and more every day i just surender lol
I have been going against the trend so much, but HEY i'm kinda doing my own thing there as well listening to not your usual popular ones like Big Bang or SHINee etc. My list so far contains of only a couple of things but lets see what else can Korea offer.  So far i have INFINITE, B.O.P. , and of course the beloved Kim Jae Joong. So not much but it's exciting haha~

I think I finally can let go of you, GACKT, with a little help :)

I finally feel free of that horrible feeling of that emptiness as a fan, i kept clinging to this idea of GACKT going back to what I knew as his music. He changed his sound and became simplier, but he's comfortable with that's all that matters, he's still a huge talent. HOWEVER, even saying "let go" i am not erasing him from my music world, i mean i could never do that, i'm still going to check him out and wait for what's comming, he might surprise me, who knows! But i think i will be less brokenhearted & sad everytime i can't click with his creations. Frankly, i don't think i would be able to just drop him like a piece of paper to the trashbin,  because i still love what he's done earlier and still adore his voice, there's never gonna be anyone like him i'm sure of that. He does hold a very special place in my heart ♥ However, there's going to be an other one who's unique in his own way. I have mentioned him before and he's that voice that made me accept it and get out of the loop i've been stuck in,  i finally have this feeling or excitement back, excitement for music of his and for the melodies he gives. He's one and only - Kim Jae Joong. You'd think he's a typical korean boy group idol dude, but he's not! Everyone knows i was ignoring korean music for a looong time because i didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, but this is a totally different story! Everyone in korean music industry is making EDM, he just went and risked his fandom with ROCK. AND HELL, I AM GLAD HE DID. He's done it so good that it gained him new fans and huge success with #1s in charts. The whole production of his stuff is just pure perfection: from photoshoots to styling, from music to PVs, from CD covers to it's packaging, it's just PERFECT!

He does composing quite often himself, and writes his own lyrics pretty much all the time. He has that rich and melodic sound in his arangements and songs that i've been missing from GACKT so badly, and i think that's what clicked instantly. Also i've got to admit that he has a lot of things that just screem "GACKT!" to me, maybe that's why imediatelly got hooked. I don't know why tho LOL

I've been so hooked on his first mini album and kept tweeting about it that someone actually sent it to me (she knows who she is ♥) and while that was big, this just got overwhelming now, with his new FULL LENGHT ALBUM i became a fan. AND once again i was fangirling so much that one of the fellow fans sent it to me! ♥ I can say i love EVERY SINGLE SONG. m(_ _)m
He sure doesn't have the voice GACKT has, it's no bass-y but what he has is no less special, it's soothing, lifts up like a butterfly, yet it can hit so stronly like a lightning when he wants to!. I trully suggest you to go check him out!

(This was my starting point. when i watched the PV, my jaw dropped, because i knew him as a lovey dovey popy guy from korean pop group.)
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One of the lovelly ballads ♥
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AND this was what REALLY took the running point. His latest PV and song from new album.
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And this.... i just thought it was so well done and cool that i need to share it!


this deserves a little bit of a post, GACKT ♥

It's been a while since GACKT actually made me go "OMG OMG OMG OMG" over something he did and write an entry on that lol.
I've had these "I wish GACKT did something with AYU" thoughts, but i never for once thought he would cover one of her early songs! I mean he's way too cool for that, isn't he? lol BUT HE DID. When i saw the title i was like " No it cannot be THAT "Seasons"" BUT IT TURNED OUT TO BE EXACTLY THAT ONE! IT MADE ME SQUEEEEEEELLLL!!!lol that hadn't happened since..... i don't even remember lol  The arangement is deffinitelly very GACKT. His vocals kinda bothered me and only now i figured why. The song has very little of long notes  which kinda makes him sound strange and  forced because he has this strong vobrato going on, and maybe it's because it was made to fit Ayu's voice at that time which was kinda plain and dull. SO it's rather a bit overwhelming to hear it with GACKT's. However, i love the fact that he did her song. And let me tell you, i shared the link on Ayu's forum and all the ones that listened to it said the arangement is amazing and that Ayu needs to use it, and majority said he did a great job singing it as well only maybe a couple said it was unbearable to listen, lol, but i can see where they are coming from with that.
I always said that Ayu and GACKT are a lot alike musically, even now, both of them are going rather simple, stripped down plain stuff which i don't like at all. BUT they both used to have these rich arrangements and i think GACKT has a lot of songs that Ayu could pull off. For example WHITE LOVERS, Koakuma Heaven, most of the ballad,s even Flower! I could imagine her singing that. As for GACKT i think HEARTPLACE, Endless sorrow, criminal and quite some others would work for him as well. I can totally imagine him doing those.

I really think it's awesome he did an Ayu song, i love him for that ♥

GACKT and my fave girls ♥ lol

I don't do these kind of posts but hell that! haha~
Everyone knows i'm a huge Ayu fan, and not too long ago i became a fan of an other lady who's been in j-pop music industry for 20 years - Namie Amuro! And well seems like GACKT have had bumpped into pretty much EVERYONE on the j-music scene, these two are no exception. And i've came across some videos lol xD

There's plenty of videos of Ayu and GACKT around but not too many of Namie and GACKT. I still found a few....amusing ones xD Namie seems to be a very shy person, not to mention when around GACKT it gets a little worse xD
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Now of course the most notorious thing is when THESE two get into one place - Ayu & GACKT xD anything can happen xD There's plenty of footage of these two, Ayu seems to be one of those who laugh at guys' jokes just for the heck of it, letting the guy to be the cool one xD On the other hand they are actually friends so who knows xD

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Ayu rule

CLAYMORE PV & director Musashi Muto

I guess most already talked about it, well i think i need to say a couple of words too lol
First of all it's a VERY VERY different PV for GACKT. He usually goes with these detailed backgrounds and stuff like that, this one has an absolutelly different feeling. It's clean, simple, dark and well.... interesting. Not to mention seeing GACKT in this kind of attire is no less strange either lol I love how high fashion the PV is, it's like Alexander McQueen meets GACKT xD

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new GACKT community - G-Multimedia

i'm just puttting it out there, everywhere lol
Just wanna let people know that you all are invited to join fresh GACKT community!

That's hopefully eventually will become a dear home for photos, scans, translations, videos, graphics  and other stuff!
This was originally an idea of mine and anei_no_tsuki and we had it done, but never managed to et it running, so eventually it got deleted.
But i thought lets do it again, and there it is ^_^

So i invite everyone to join in the learning and sharing and of course creating a nice and welcome community!!! ♥

Also i would be thankful if u guys would help me spread it around!

GACKT - The Forces Bechind - Wallpapers

So after all the tabloid stuff and fans going a little nuts in various comms....GACKT popped on twitter and after "leaving changed his background to a photo i managed to snatch before it was too late and he resized it lol SO, i made a set of wallpapers...The idea is simple the creatures u see around him are the symbolism of fans...don't ask me wuestions why i chose those creatures exactly....there's no point :P

I am only sharing it on this LJ for now, maybe later i will post it on OGYD fanworks entry if they'll have one.

DOWNLOAD 1600 x 900
DOWNLOAD 1440 x 900